Robin for Judge

Elect Robin Merrell A Judge for the People of Buncombe County

Early Vote through March 2. This Democratic Primary will determine who serves you as our next District Court Judge in Seat 6. Final day to vote: Tuesday, March 5.

“Robin earned our trust. She is a one-in-a-million human being, attorney, and public servant.”

Hear from everyday people who support Robin Merrell for District Court Judge

Attorney Robin Merrell is a Proven Advocate for Justice & Safety

Vote for Robin for Judge in the Democratic Primary: March 5, 2024

I’m Robin Merrell, and I’m asking for your support and your vote.

For more than 22 years I’ve worked at Pisgah Legal Services as an attorney, coalition builder, and leader. I have a long, stellar record of public accountability. I live by the values my mother and father instilled in me—hard work, honesty, family, and doing for others.

Public Interest Attorneys Prioritize Public Good

I am a justice-seeking, problem-solving leader, neighbor, and friend. I am a Public Interest Lawyer, and as such I strive to always work for the public good.

Robin is a Proven Problem Solver and Justice Advocate

I serve the most vulnerable people in our community—inside and outside of the courtroom. I’ve seen the effects of trauma, racism, sexism and the other ways people are mistreated in our community. I’ve served thousands of adults, children, and elders in our community in need of representation in both bench and jury trials.

I understand the daily and lasting impacts on people who experience poverty or  substance use as well as the challenges people with mental health or physical disabilities face in their daily lives. My clients trust me to fight for them and to deliver outcomes that make their lives better and that make our entire community more safe and more fair.

Robin’s Unparalleled Record of Collaborative Action

As a Managing Attorney at Pisgah Legal, I partner with local, regional, and national organizations to increase our quality of life and protect human rights for people of Buncombe County and Western North Carolina. With these partners, we have created specialized court and victim services programs, expanded economic development and affordable housing opportunities, and have expanded safety, dignity, and fairness through advocacy and coalition building.

Robin’s Commitment to You

I will serve all the people of Buncombe County as a District Court Judge who is a proven problem-solver, public servant, and justice advocate.

Robin Improves Lives and Increases Fairness & Safety

District Court Judge Candidate Robin Merrell has deep and diverse legal experience as a Public Interest Attorney in Buncombe. For more than 22 years, Robin’s clients have trusted her to fight for them and to deliver outcomes—outcomes that make their lives better and that make our entire community more safe and more fair.

Veterans Law Experience

Veterans Law. Robin has helped low-income veterans use the law to help them overcome service-related issues that have reduced their ability to live self-sufficiently. Robin has represented partially and fully disabled and homeless veterans.

Family Law Experience

Family Law. Robin has helped parents, grandparents, immediate family, and guardians fight to protect and ensure care for the children, elders, and vulnerable people they love. Robin has represented survivors of domestic abuse and child abuse.

Housing Law Experience

Housing Law. Robin is experienced in landlord/tenant law, which aims to ensure that housing is fit and safe for habitation. Robin has represented low-income and homeless families, people fleeing domestic violence, and people in substandard housing.

Immigration Law Experience

Immigration Law. Robin helps seek protection of minor children whose parents are detained or deported and helps people seek legal immigration status.

Litigation Experience

Litigation. Robin’s more than 20 years of litigation experience has honed her critical thinking, attention to detail, curiosity, organizational and communication skills, and empathy.

Mediation Experience

Mediation. Robin has successfully used mediation in cases in which all parties are willing to compromise. Mediation can resolve disputes when safety is not at risk.

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“The things that make us different should have no impact on our ability to access justice.”

Robin Merrell, Public Interest Attorney, Candidate for Judge in District 28

Hear from everyday people who support Robin Merrell for Buncombe District Court Judge

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